Date: 2018-04-18

"Mashriq" Exhibition by Abdullah Dexen at the Den Gallery

Abdullah Dexen held his exhibition titled "Mashriq" on April 30th, 2018 at the Den Gallery in Kuwait. The exhibition showcased a collection of his unique calligraphy works that combined traditional Arabic calligraphy with modern design elements.

The title "Mashriq" refers to the Arabic word for the "east," which reflects the artist's exploration of culture, heritage, and spirituality. The works on display were inspired by Dexen's travels and experiences, and he used calligraphy to express his feelings and emotions about the places he visited.

The exhibition featured a diverse range of works, including large-scale calligraphic paintings. Dexen used a variety of materials and techniques to create his pieces, including ink, acrylic paint, gold leaf, and mixed media.

The exhibition received critical acclaim and attracted a large number of visitors, including art enthusiasts and members of the general public. It was also covered by local and international media outlets, which praised Dexen's innovative approach to calligraphy and his ability to blend traditional and modern elements in his work.

Through "Mashriq" and other exhibitions, Abdullah Dexen has become a leading figure in the contemporary art scene in Kuwait and the wider region. His unique approach to calligraphy has inspired a new generation of artists and has helped to enrich the cultural landscape of the Gulf region.