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December 03, 2018 · Group


Yes, it is!!

It is the start for our journey towards the land of creation. As a journey, we gathered a group from different regions in the world to fly up to the sky of imaginations and creations where we can show what we are capable of.

We aimed to provide a unique art through our creation in order to satisfy the passion of art in our souls. As we need to eat to survive, the soul needs to eat for reformation. Once the soul is satisfied in a proper way, talents could be improved and a beauty would be born via the hand of artist.

In this exhibition, we decided to release the madness and creations for the audience, so they can feel the emotions and see the beauty as well.

Dr. Ammar Awadh



29 participants includes:

  • Abdullah Al Zeid (Kuwait)
  • Abdullah Dexen (Kuwait)                     Khadija Al Sayeqh (Kuwait)
  • Ahmad Al Hawaj (Kuwait)                   Lamia Al Ghareeb (Kuwait)
  • Ahmad Al Bahrani (Iraq)                     Hilda Hyari (Jordan)
  • Ahmed Jawhar (Kuwait)                      Mohammed Althaqafi (KSA)
  • Ali Hassan (Qatar)                                 Mukhtar Dexen (Kuwait)
  • Bebe Al Khashti (Kuwait)                     Mohannad Orabi  (Syria)
  • Bedour Askar (Kuwait)                         Noor Al Naqi (Kuwait)
  • Babak Rashvand (Iran)                        May Al Saad (Kuwait)
  • Chantal Van Houten (Netherlands)  Omran Ameer (Kuwait)
  • Faisal Najaf (Kuwait)                            Ramona Nordal (Canada)
  • Fatima Al Nasser (Kuwait)                  Reza Doust (Iran)
  • Hilda Hyari (Jordan)                            Wadhah Mahdi (Iraq)
  • Lamia Al Ghareeb (Kuwait)                William Stoehr (USA
  •   Khalid Al Shatti (Kuwait)                   Zaid Alobaid (Kuwait)