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New Matter

September 24, 2017 · Group

New Matter allows artists to expand limits of art representation as it offers new ways of reading and interpreting different artworks, in addition, artists challenge expectations of what an artwork is. Emphasizing the material properties of an artwork over its ability to transcribe a scene with exacting  precision. The artworks in the exhibition pose the question: what are we looking at when we look at an artwork? New Matter will address the nuances and complexities of this question and trace connective threads between each artist’s practice. Here, meaning is in a constant state of flux and is perpetually renegotiated according to the influences of where one once was and where one finds oneself now.

35 participants includes:

  • Abdullah Al Zeid (Kuwait)                    Fatima Al Sarhan (Bahrain)
  • Abdullah Dexen (Kuwait)                     Hamad Al Saab (Kuwait)
  • Ahmad Al Boudham (Kuwait)             Khalid Al Shatti (Kuwait)
  • Ahmad Al Hawaj (Kuwait)                   Latifa Bouzubar (Kuwait)
  • Ahmed Jawhar (Kuwait)                       Lamia Al Ghareeb (Kuwait)
  • Ahmed Muqem (Kuwait)                      Maha Al Mansour (Kuwait)
  • Al Anoud Al Rushaid  (Kuwait)           May Al Saad (Kuwait)
  • Amani Al Thuwaini (Kuwait)               Mashael Al Faisal (Kuwait)
  • Aziz Bawatneh (Lebanon)                    Mohammed Althaqafi (KSA)
  • Bebe Al Khashti (Kuwait)                     Mukhtar Dexen (Kuwait)
  • Bedour Askar (Kuwait)                         Nawaf Abdulkarim (Kuwait)
  • Ebrahim Al Atiyah (Kuwait)                Noor Al Naqi (Kuwait)
  • Ebrahim Habib (Kuwait)                      Omar Al Rashid (Bahrain)
  • Eman Almusalam (Kuwait)                 Omran Ameer (Kuwait)
  • Eman Jamal (Kuwait)                           Shaimaa Ashkanani (Kuwait)
  • Faisal Najaf (Kuwait)                             Wadhah Mahdi (Iraq)
  • Fatima Al Nasser (Kuwait)                   Yousef Albaqshi (Kuwait)
  • Fatima Al Sarhan (Bahrain)                 Zaid Alobaid (Kuwait)
  • Lamia Al Ghareeb (Kuwait)