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Den Expo

September 20, 2017 · Group

 An artist’s message to the world is usually killed before it sees the light. That’s why we take it into our own hands to show the world the creativity and beauty of our local artists’ work, giving them a chance to be heard.  Audience experienced the thoughts and emotions that our artists’ meant to evoke by their art work. 43 Kuwaiti Artists showcased their artworks and put their work together through Den Gallery. Den EXPO was a  Successful Exhibition which was held by Den gallery, and attracted artists and people who are interested in art to be in minds for long time.


Featured Artists:

  • Abbas Malek                          Faisal Najaf
  • Abdulaziz AlOraer                Fahad AlMesbah
  • Abdullah AlZaid                    Fatima AlNasser
  • Abdullah Dexen                    Fida AlOun
  • Abeer AlKandary                  Futooh Shammoh
  • Ahmed AlGhanim                Hamad AlSarraf
  • Ahmed AlHawaj                   Hamad AlSaeb
  • Ahmed Budaham                 Hisham AlShamaa
  • Ahmed Jawhar                     Khaled Alshatty
  • Ahmed Muqeem                  Lamia AlGhareeb
  • Alanoud AlRushaid             Maha AlMansour
  • Ali Nadoum                           Mashael Faisal
  • Anbar Waleed                       May AlSaad
  • Bader AlMansour                 Mukhtar Dexen
  • Bader AlMutawaa                Noor AlNaqi
  • Bader Hayati                         Omran Ameer
  • Budoor AlAskar                    Salwa AlAyoob
  • Deem AlQurainy                   Samar AlBader
  • Ebrahim AlAtiyah                Shaimaa Ashkanani
  • Ebrahim AlHabib                 Yousef AlBagshy
  • Zahra AlAli
  • Zaid AlObaid