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September 19, 2017 · Group

16 Faces

Faces without masks …
overlooking today faces exhibition …
overlooking faces do not carry falsehood …
Faces reflect the colors of our lives dreaming small dreams and memory mirrors …
Faces descend relapse and pains time ..

It is not easy to frame the idea of the artist into the subject as it is inherently has an innate tendency to blow up the springs of the unseen and Alttaiwih imagination …

And face … that space is divine ornaments, Ambassador of the heart and His Messenger, Tcolbh here creators and their fingertips could brush, new eloquently, biased for all races Fine, authentic elements in the painting or sculpture configuration.

16 participants includes:

  • Khalid Al Shatti (Kuwait)
  • Omar Al Rashid (Bahrain)
  • Anbar Waleed (Kuwait)
  • Nora Abul (Kuwait)
  • Mohannad Orabi (Syria)
  • Mukhtar Dexen (Kuwait)
  • May Al Saad (Kuwait)
  • Abdullah Al Zaid (Kuwait)
  • Reza Doust (Iran)
  • Eman Jamal (Kuwait)
  • Ahmad Al Hawaj (Kuwait)
  • Shaghayegh Shojaian (Iran)
  • Latifa Bouzubar (Kuwait)
  • Amal Al Aathem (Qatar)
  • Zaid Al Obaid (Kuwait)
  • Meshail Al Faisal (Kuwait)